HOW’S MY CREW TODAY! No one knew that a summer replacement kid’s show would become the longest continuously running children’s show in the world running from 1955 to 1996. Dave Dedrick patterned Captain 11 after a show of the same name in Minneapolis. That show was hosted by a young Jim Lange. With a new uniform and a set made from pinball machine parts, Dedrick transformed Captain 11 into the most recognizable face in KELOLAND. Each day children would flock to the KELOLAND studios to be on the Captain 11 show. Later mothers and grandmothers would bring their kids to the show. Always drawing a crowd, Captain 11 made thousands of appearances across KELOLAND. Today, Captain 11’s set and uniform are on display at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre. The testament to the impact Captain 11 had on the history of our state and our lives.

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