Everybody wants to be good at their job. And that’s also true for KELOLAND Farmers.

If you want professional pride, they say, “Get out of the office, avoid customers and start producing something with your hands.” In fact, one study shows that people working in farming are among the proudest workers in the country.

It’s that pride that Niki Jones with Dakotafest wants to bolster through this year’s Dakotafest event in Mitchell this week.

She stopped by today to tell us more about the event. And why, if you work in agriculture, this is your opportunity to both build your skills and share the pride of the agriculture community.

Dakotafest in Mitchell, South Dakota gets underway on Tuesday at the Dakotafest site in Mitchell, South Dakota. You can go online now to purchase tickets for just $7 per person at Dakotafest.Com. You can also purchase admission tickets at the gate for $10. Kids under 17 get in free. This event includes live product demonstrations, as well as smart and insightful educational sessions. There’ll also be fun family activities to, not only help area farmers and ranchers grow, but also to celebrate farming and the rural lifestyle.