The terror started one night in South Sudan when 6-year-old Achut Deng’s grandmother woke her and told her it was time to run. What followed was a series of events that included running for her life under enemy fire; watching loved ones be killed; and escaping terrible conditions in a refugee camp. Ten years later, Achut finally got the opportunity to come to America. But that didn’t end the terrors.

Achut Deng describes this story in her book, “Don’t Look Back: A Memoir of War, Survival, and My Journey from Sudan to America.”

Her grandmother saved her life with the words, “Don’t Look Back.” But for Achut, looking back through her book is a chance to share the important story of a strong woman and a mother’s experience as a refugee in America.

Hear more from Achut and learn more about how her book came to fruition here:

Achut Deng’s story of surviving war in Sudan