How to Add/Remove Saved Locations for Storm Tracker

Setting your locations is very simple on this version of Storm Tracker. It can be done by entering a town name, zip code, or picking a point on a map. We’ll go step by step here. When the app opens, you can click on the gear in the upper right to access the Locations page.

Use the Locations Page

You can also access the Locations page by clicking on the pin on any other screen.

Your Current Location is set to be the default location.  Tap on Add Location.

Here you can enter an address or even just a zip code.  You can give it a custom name such as Work or School, or just name it the community the location is for.

Be sure to enable Alerts if you want to recieve notifications of when severe weather is affecting that area. You can turn those notifications off at any time later.

When your location is successfully add it will appear like this.  As mentioned, you can easily turn notifications on or off for each of your saved locations.

If you need to change anything about your location, tap on the expand icon.  You can choose to make your location the default one. This is helpful for when you are unable to use location services.  You can edit details, such as renaming your location. Or you can Delete your saved location.

Add a location using the Radar Map

Another simple way to add locations is to tap on a location on the radar map.

When the information for that location appears, there is an option to add it to your saved locations.  This works well for rural areas that don’t align with nearby communities.

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