For the best Halloween ever, buy your decorations now

More and more people are admitting their fondness for the long-overlooked Halloween. It’s a marvelous time to unleash your imagination and creativity. Not only can you reinvent yourself, but using animatronics and other Halloween decor, you can give your home a fun and creepy makeover as well.

If you want to get the hottest decorations, however, you can’t wait. You have to act now before all the good ones sell out, particularly, Home Depot’s iconic 12-foot skeleton.

Skelly has sold out every year, so don’t delay

Skelly Home Depot

Home Depot’s unofficial Halloween mascot is Skelly, the 12-foot-tall skeleton that debuted in 2020. The unsettlingly tall creature towers over regular humans and makes a frightful indoor or outdoor focal point for your horror-filled festivities. Skelly has animated LCD eyes and will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

There’s just one problem with Skelly: he is so popular that he sells out almost immediately. This isn’t just a fluke. It happened in 2020, 2021 and 2022. This year won’t be any different. Especially since this year, there is a new lighting kit that fits inside Skelly’s ribcage to give him an eerie, monstrous glow.

If you want to have arguably the most sought-after, hard-to-get Halloween decoration available, you might only have hours to act. Skelly is available at Home Depot for $299. But just like those giant-sized chocolate bars, don’t expect him to be around for very long once word gets out that he’s back.

Home Depot also has a more family-friendly version

If you have young children, Skelly might be a little too scary. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. If you want a Halloween creature that kids adore, consider Jack Skellington. He’s a foot larger and has sensor-activated head and mouth movements that make him come alive. He’s also expected to sell out quickly but is currently available at Home Depot for $399.

Best Halloween decorations you need to get right now (before it’s too late) 

Giant-Sized 12-Foot Skeleton with LifeEyes on white background

Home Accents Holiday Giant-Sized 12-Foot Skeleton with LifeEyes

Don’t hesitate. This giant skeleton has been such a popular item that it has sold out every year before Halloween arrives. It’s 12 feet tall, has eerie glowing eyes and looks great (intimidating) in your front yard.

Sold by Home Depot

tall skeleton decoration on white background

Crazy Bonez 6-Foot Pose-N-Stay Skeleton

Nothing says “Halloween” quite like a life-size skeleton. Plus, the posable design allows you to sit it on the porch, stand it up in the yard or have it hanging out in a tree. No matter where you put it, it’s sure to make a statement in the neighborhood and give trick-or-treaters a good fright. 

Sold by Amazon

Life-Size Animatronic Zombie Maid on white background

Life-Size Animatronic Zombie Maid

For people who like their Halloween a bit more terrifying, this animatronic zombie maid is perfect. She’s a life-sized creature that has glowing red eyes, an evil laugh and sudden movements.

Sold by Amazon

Animatronic Crawling Lady on white background

Animatronic Crawling Lady

This crawling corpse makes a chilling addition to your front lawn. However, you can get creative and place her so she’s clawing her way out from under your bed as well. She moans, features crawling movements and has light-up eyes. 

Sold by Amazon

Animated Hanging Corpse

Animated Hanging Corpse

To be honest, this hanging corpse is unsettling. It’s horrifying enough to produce nightmares, which is what makes it so perfect. The hanging body squirms, shakes and glows. Even adults will be afraid.

Sold by Amazon

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