SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — The transformation of a historic downtown Sioux Falls building is now complete, welcoming even more guests to Parker’s Bistro and the new Myrtle’s Fur Vault and Bar. A look inside the completed project in tonight’s your money matters.

“Literally their mouths drop open, they don’t expect it. You see the outside of this place and think it’s kind of a quiet, quaint little place,” Parker’s Bistro owner Stacy Newcomb said. 

But once you walk inside, the reality of the newly transformed space is much different.

“I feel like I’m in New York, I feel like I’m in Paris, they’re just blown away by the scope…people can’t believe what we’ve done with the place,” Myrtle’s bartender Paul Squyer said.

It’s a big change from what the building looked like before Parkers owner Stacy Newcomb began stripping the former Vision Care building down to its historic studs.

“A lot of what I like to do is preservation, revealing what the history of the building is. We named it Myrtle’s Fur Vault and Bar because it was originally a fur vault in the building back in the 1930s,” Newcomb said.

The focal point of the new bar includes a nod to that history, along with a tribute to the namesakes of both of Parker’s and Myrtle’s, Newcomb’s grandparents.

“When we found this photo, we thought it was the perfect way to bring Parker’s and Myrtle’s together, they’re a couple, Parker and Myrtle, so it is fun to have the two buildings express that,” Newcomb said.

The new addition has doubled the seating space at Parkers, which has already made a big difference to customers.

“It’s tremendous to have that space for our customers, we’ve never had a place for people to wait or to sit or to have a cocktail, now we do,” Newcomb said.

All of the seating inside Myrtle’s is open, giving people a chance to have a more spontaneous evening out, whether they’re grabbing dinner or drinks or waiting on a table.

“People are enjoying the drinks, enjoying the small plates, enjoying the space to hang out at a place that’s part of the Parker’s family,” Squyer said.

With the addition of Myrtle’s, Parker’s has also expanded its cocktail menu and added a small plate menu for the bar area. You can visit the newly finished bar and restaurant at 210 South Main Avenue in Sioux Falls every Monday through Saturday evening.