SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Local contractors in the Sioux Falls area are seeing more clients seeking lakeside homes.

 Barbara Rasmussen moved to Sioux Falls with her husband and kids two months ago.

“My husband and I wanted to get out of southern California and live in the country and have lots of space, but we still have two young kids that need friends and need community. And so this was just a great balance between what we were all looking for, as a family,” said Barbara Rasmussen, Cherry Lake Neighborhood resident.

When making the big move, finding the right location was a top priority.

“So it is pretty great, we have a dock down there and it’s been fun to watch the wildlife. There are geese, some bullfrogs we’ve seen, my son’s been down fishing and then also the trail we’ve been enjoying doing morning walks out on the trail that goes around the lake,” said Rasmussen.

According to The City of Sioux Falls, nearly $2 billion in building permit valuations were logged last year which is a 75% increase from 2021. Contractors also say they’ve seen an influx of home buyers wanting houses near or on lakes.

“So it’s been a popular development here and I’ve seen it all over Sioux Falls and in outlying areas too. People like to feel like they’re not being cramped by their neighbors, but still have the community feel with their neighbors,” said Doug Top, founder of Top Construction.

Doug Top started Top Construction in 2005 and says land in Sioux Falls near bodies of water is bought up quickly.

“You can’t put a dollar amount on something like that. So if that’s what you really want to do, keep your eyes open and jump early at these lots, because right now with the demand on the lots, there’s not a lot of them out there,” said Top.

One place under construction for about a year was listed for roughly $2 million on the west side of town.

The house on Cherry Lake is scheduled to be in the parade of homes next month. Although this property is already spoken for, many like this one have home buyers showing interest.

Top says builders are also making man-made bodies of water to meet the demand.

“So you’re seeing a lot more developments that they’re actually making their own lakes where they’ll dig out an area for example, a lot of this lake out here at Cherry Lake was a sandpit and, they mined a lot of sand out here,” said Top.

As for the future developments in Sioux Falls, Top says you will likely see more homes being built like the ones on Cherry Lake.

“I think as the city grows will be more and more spots. I know the east side has got a few that are coming up real soon that are going to be some nice executive lots,” said Top.

For those currently looking, he advises you don’t wait.

“If you really want a piece of land that’s on water and you see one you like, you better go for it,” said Top.

As for the amenities that come with property near lakes, outdoor activities are popular among residents.

“It’s super nice to live in a safe neighborhood that we can actually send our kids out on their bikes and just say, ‘go ahead, go ride your bike,’ and that there’s a playground nearby there’s the beach. It’s been really enjoyable living here,” said Rasmussen.

The Sioux Empire’s Fall Parade of Homes hosted by the Home Builders Association will start next month.