RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) –The Rapid City Fire Department hosted their annual task force training over the rally.

Each year during the Sturgis Rally Fire Departments from across the state gather to work on new or updated training.

“For this year, we have decided to freshen and sharpen our skills on some rope rescue training. And it’s kind of a joint training that we do with other members from across the state,” RCFD Captain Ryan Ricke said.

This year Rapid City teamed up with Aberdeen, Watertown and Sioux Falls. This helps them get on the same page statewide when it comes to helping the public.

As state-wide firefighters are doing their annual training, working with ropes, repelling, and going up as a team, they’re accomplishing and getting over new fears to be ready for any situation they might come into.

“Heights have never been my thing, I come from the beach and water is kind of my thing. I’ve not been around the mountains or the cliffs much so this is all fairly new to me and it’s a bit nerve-racking but it’s fun having all the guys here supporting me,” Firefighter EMT Clayton Martinez said.

While this training is great for new firefighters like Martinez, it’s also a refresher for the others.

“It’s more so just a mental battle per se. This equipment is all pretty strong and it pretty much takes care of the job for you, so you don’t have to use too much of your own energy. It’s just kind of taking that step over the edge and actually trusting the equipment itself,” Martinez said.

“It can be used for a variety of things. All of our USAR, Urban Search and Rescue SPecialties, require a certain amount of rope knowledge. Anything if we’re going to be moving heavy things, or rescuing people. There’s always some kind of rope aspect or could be,” Ricke said.

Making sure they are prepared to respond to any type of emergency.

These training sessions are one of many ways the Fire Departments across the State stay ready when called on.